Intended Impact

Project’s Alignment to College Priorities & Intended Impact

It would address, ‘Improving student transition, understandings of independent learning & Retention and the ‘Innovation of use of physical and digital learning spaces with an emphasis on flexibility and change’.

 If we want to be for, ‘..for the curious, the brave and the committed: those who want to transform themselves and the world around them,…’ we need physical spaces, conceptual space, virtual space and representational places that foster these aims. We have a chance to do this as we transform and transpose from one place, LCC on the north side of Elephant and Castle to the south side of where we are now. We have great opportunity to use our existing infrastructures to model new ones for our new building in 2022.

This project I hope you be a small part of helping this transformation. I would want it to be a collaboration between all our stakeholders, from Deans to students from Estates to Teaching and Learning academics, subject specialists to workshop technicians, Associate Lecturers to Quality managers and everything and every body in-between. Without all voices being heard and given the chance to help build these new experiences we could be left with retrofitting spaces reactively rather than being proactively creating productive innovative teaching and learning spaces.

Using UALs Strategic 2015-2022 this project would place curiosity, making, critical questioning and rigour at the heart of our curriculum and create the spaces for this to happen. This project would engage,’… our students in developing flexible modes of teaching delivery, taking into account the particular characteristics of a London-based education and advances in digital technologies. At the core of this project would be to place diversity and inclusivity at the core of our recruitment and education for staff and students, and the access to inclusive spaces and place where they help at home with us.